About Tom

Hello, I am Tom Warner.

I was born in Great Barrington  Massachusetts in the Berkshire Hills  and raised at  our family homestead. The homestead  was started by my great great grandparents Daniel and Polly Warner in 1835. Six generations of Warners  have called this home.   My art studio  was build on the same location as our old family barn where my great, great, grandfather practiced his profession as a cooper. The old barn burned in the 1930’s.  The new barn style studio was build from information told to me by  from my relatives who remembered  the original barn along with old photographs.  My art studio is open by appointment by calling 413-528-1447.

People ask me how to describe my work. I would have to say that my painting style comes from those who were most influential in my learning process. My grade school art teacher Arthur Bartholomew taught me to develop my own style and to express that style on paper. When I paint a picture I am telling a story. The story may be very hidden, but every painting I have ever done is a story. In every  Warner generation here  there was a raconteur. I chose to put my stories in paintings . In my early learning I was fortunate to have been introduced to the late Norman Rockwell  who lived just a town away in Stockbridge, Massachusetts . The last thing Mr. Rockwell said to me was “Tommy if you are going to paint a picture, tell a story otherwise don’t bother painting”. I learned a lot from Mr. Rockwell and his artful storytelling ways. Then it was my turn to develop my style of painting, a way to express both my stories and painting. Other artists  that have influenced  me are Grandma Moses, Winslow Homer, Carl Genovese and Louis Tauzin.

I hope one day my artwork will inspire other young artists.


Thank you for visiting my web site and feel free to visit my art studio here in the Berkshires at 5 Round Hill Road in Great Barrington, Massachusetts.    

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