Thank you for sending the beautiful giclee entitled Five Acres. It is a striking, visual record of James Weldon Johnson's connection to New England. It will have a place of honor in Emory University's James Weldon Johnson Collection... Thanks for your generous gift and for keeping alive the memory and achievement of a great American: James Weldon Johnson.
~Rudolph P. Byrd Founder James Weldon Johnson Institute Atlanta, Georgia

Thank You for your thoughtful and generous gift.
~President Bill Clinton 42nd President United States

Your paintings are classic Americana.... You should be pegged as the next Norman Rockwell. The detail and prospective of nature are exquisite.
~ Luanne Weiskotten Dalton, Massachusetts

To me you are another Grandma Moses . Your work is colorful, unique and shows me that life is good to you... You are an artist about life.
~ Beverly Boisen Willlsboro, NY

I've been involved with art my entire life with recognized artist. Tom Warner has to be my favorite watercolor artist. His work flows off the paper to my eyes like a natural living thing . I call his work music to my eyes.
~ Carl McRitton Middlefield, Massachusetts

Absolutely brilliant and lovely works.
~ Dan Jemmett Paris, France

Tom Warner is no longer the Berkshire's best secret! He has fans and many who admire his special style. Now that he's becoming famous, we hope he will not change at all the things that make him such an outstanding artist. He's told me how he met Norman Rockwell, another famous Berkshire resident. Rockwell told the young Warner " If your going to paint a picture, have it tell a story, otherwise don't bother painting", a lesson Warner seemingly never forgot. His work seems to be well influenced by Rockwell and by Vermont's Grandma Moses, but in the end the style is "pure Tom Warner".
~ Mark French Chatham, NY

Many patients and employees at the Community Health Center comment on your lovely prints. They make our waiting room look so serene and professional. I smile every time I walk by them and another person is scanning the intricate details and taking in the scene you have painted.
~Vicky White Manager CHP Health Center Great Barrington, Massachusetts

Now here's an artist that has a sense of natural realism. Just love these works.
~Craig Adler Celebrity Hair and Makeup Artist Miami, Florida

Immediately calls to mind Norman Rockwell, Winslow Homer, and Edward Hopper- with a fully unique and original style. It is hard to believe these vivid paintings are pure watercolor.
~ Jenny Chicago